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Fuel's frontman, whose name alone conjures rage (seriously: "Brett Scallions"), has made an entire career out of stealing Vedder's baritone histrionics, stripping them of subtlety, and repeating them, ad nauseum.

I almost feel bad making fun of him, because his band only had three hits, and he looks like a weasel.

    ---------     Update:   I'm completely wrong.

Eyewitnesses told Daily that the former Stone Temple Pilots lead singer was drinking what appeared to be vodka in a bar attached to the Arcada Theatre in Elmwood before performing a concert there with band The Wildabouts on November 20.

I'm hard-pressed to choose which to include here, but I'll go with "Hemorrhage (In My Hands)," because I'm pretty sure I got to third base listening to it once. Gavin Rossdale, Bush I forgot when I pitched this article that I'd actually have to listen to these bands again.

Thank God Rossdale's known more for being a housedad these days than for making music. Chad Kroeger, Nickelback Take Eddie Vedder's voice; remove its flexibility and depth of expression.Although I often lied or changed details about it to people, I cannot imagine forgetting it happened. I can tell you that my perp enforced silence and a form of amnesia of events through ongoing, one-on-one, private terrorization.I'm sure it does but it truly wasn't something I could just block out.[quote]95% of claims of traumatic repressed memories (particularly involving sexual abuse) is bullshit. You do a tremendous dis-service to actual survivors, who have been hurt enough. The fact that this person no longer exists on this planet ultimately led to an unburdened mind's clear understanding of what had happened. She found the body, she remembers his eyes as being "blacked out, like a cartoon and there wasn't any blood."Her husband who was with her later confided to us that there was blood everywhere, he was missing half his head and face and the only black part was a bunch of ants crawling all around. He was 12 - I don't any high school senior would have much trouble overtaking a normal 12 year old. My friend's father recently shot himself in the head.

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