Who is richard simmons dating

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None of it is true," LAPD Detective Kevin Becker commented to . "The fact of the matter is we went out and talked to him. As a teenager, the 268-pound Richard Simmons took on a series of unhealthy crash diets to lose weight.After learning proper fitness and dietary techniques, Simmons created his own healthy weight-loss program and toured the country teaching people how to get in shape.

With a rigorous touring schedule that included 250 personal appearances each year, promoted physical well-being to millions of loyal followers.

Overweight as a child and frustrated by fad dieting, Simmons has created a number of aerobics DVDs and written cookbooks to help others lose weight and keep it off.

He is a frequent guest on television talk shows and has become an often parodied cultural icon.

Edit Besides being a famous fitness personality and an actor, he is also the great writer and he has published several books related to fitness program and losing weight.

He published his first book Never Say Diet and then in 1986 he also released another book and that was titled Reach for Fitness.

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