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The only thing there’s any proof of is that anyone can say that they did anything with anyone else–and if that person is famous it will get in the papers.

These stories continue to come up about Beckham, because they sell papers (or create web-site hits), while there are so many footballer who have publicly blatant affairs, are caught with prostitutes, get drunk and beat their wives, girlfriends, or random women, and a group who were recently filmed having group sex with an underage girl.

‘He didn’t throw me out afterwards, and he let me stay until he got up a bit before 8am.

He asked for my telephone number, and I gave it him.

The Loos story isn’t current, its four years old, the only statement Beckham made about it was that it was absurd and the woman was paid close to a million pounds to tell it by the UK’s sleaziest tabloid.

There’s never been any proof regarding those Beckham cheats rumors.

No wonder Lindsay Lohan thought she had a shot him; he’s a total manwhore.

She has an adorable corgi of her own and likes cats too!However, Beckham has confessed to his affair with the “Loos” woman.Now, the sleaze-machine is headed to America, so hide your men, girls!These stories–complete with witnesses and photographs–may make a headline or two and then disappear.But if some girl makes a few hundred thousand pounds selling an unsubstantiated story about Beckham it remains headline “news”–apparently forever.

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