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However, Brenda survived and was saved in the water by Luis.Four years later after holding Brenda captive all that time, Luis came to Port Charles with the sole intention of getting rid of Sonny Corinthos and Jasper Jacks due to his obsession with Brenda.

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Years later he came to Port Charles to avenge the death of his brother Luis.Alcazar's murder trial also brought up speculations that he may still be alive and this fabricated evidence is what cleared Jason during the trial, but in the end, Jerry confirmed that all the "evidence" they used to show that Alcazar wasn't really dead was doctored and fake.In 2008 it was revealed that Lorenzo's son Diego wasn't really dead and he returned to Port Charles wanting revenge on Jason whom he blamed for his father's death.When Alcazar crashed a party at the Quartermaine mansion held in Brenda's honor, he got really drunk.When he left the party, he left in his limo, driven by Jason.

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