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She famously broke down on national television in 2007.Today, it makes uncomfortable viewing.'That was who I was – when I met Paul the money I earned from doing talks all went to charity, I was offered a job with Larry King in America but couldn’t take it.In their divorce settlement, Mills, the mother of his 11-year-old daughter Beatrice, received a lump sum of £16.5 million and assets of £7.8 million, which included the properties she owned before she met him.

The singer announced the birth of his daughter in an Instagram video on Saturday, February 24, of himself snuggling with the newborn.

Everything I had been was taken away.’‘You know what,’ she says, ‘I’ve given 80 per cent of it away. A lot of the time you spend with Mills your mouth is left more than ever so slightly agape.

I haven’t stopped doing work with land mines in war zones, except now I pay for my own mine sweepers, I take in prosthetic limbs, I pay for things myself. The downfall of the celebrity publicist Max Clifford was sparked, she says, in part by her.

'The same day I got two messages on my website, both from women, both independent of each other, telling me how sorry they felt for me and how much they hated him because he had abused them when they were teenagers.

She says part of the reason for doing The Jump was for her daughter.

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