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Article 30 The right to health protection and to receive services to look after personal needs shall be respected.With that intent the State shall guarantee a system of Social Security.Article 28 The right of enterprise shall be recognised within the framework of the market economy and in accordance with the law.Article 29 All persons have the right to work, to their promotion through work, and to just income which shall guarantee a living befitting human dignity for themselves and their families, as well as to the reasonable limitation of the working day, weekly rest and paid vacation.Article 21 1 Everyone has the right to move freely throughout the national territory and to enter and leave the country in accordance with the laws. Andorran nationals and lawful resident aliens have the right freely to choose their residence in Andorra.Article 22 The non-renewal of the residence permit or the expulsion of a lawful resident shall only be decided pursuant to the causes and terms determined by law, after a non-appealable court decision, if the interested person exercises his or her right to jurisdiction.Article 33 The public authorities shall promote the necessary conditions to implement the right for everyone to enjoy decent housing.

No one shall enter a dwelling or any other premises against the will of the owner or without a warrant, except in case of flagrant delicto.Without prejudice to their links with international institutions, these organizations shall operate within the limits of Andorra, shall have their own autonomy without any organic dependence on foreign bodies and shall function democratically.Article 19 Workers and employers have the right to defend their own economic and social interests. Article 5 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is binding in Andorra. No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Likewise the law shall establish the procedure to restore the impaired fundamental rights of any person under detention. No one shall be held criminally or administratively liable on account of any acts or omissions which were lawful at the time when they were committed. All persons shall have the right to jurisdiction and to have a ruling founded in the law, and to a due trial before an impartial tribunal established by law. All persons shall have the right to counsel and the technical assistance of a competent lawyer, to trial within a reasonable time, to the presumption of innocence, to be informed of the charges against them, not to declare themselves guilty, not to testify against themselves and to appeal in criminal causes. In order to guarantee the principle of equality, the law shall regulate the cases when justice shall be free of cost. The Constitution guarantees the freedom of ideas, religion and cult, and no one is bound to state or disclose his or her ideology, religion or beliefs. Freedom to manifest one's religion or beliefs shall be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary in the interests of public safety, order, health or morals, or for the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of others. The present Constitution, which is the highest rule of the legal system, binds all the public institutions as well as the individuals. The Constitution recognizes the principles of equality, hierarchy, publicity of the judicial rules, non-retroactivity of the rules restricting individual rights or those that are unfavourable in their effect or sanction, juridical security, accountability of public institutions and prohibition of any kind of arbitrariness. The universally recognized principles of international public law are incorporated into the legal system of Andorra. The treaties and international agreements take effect in the legal system from the moment of their publication in the Butlletí Oficial del Principat d'Andorra and cannot be amended or repealed by law. General principles Article 4 The Constitution recognises human dignity to be inalienable and therefore guarantees the inviolable and imprescriptible rights of the individual, which constitute the foundation of political order, social peace and justice. No one may be discriminated against on grounds of birth, race, sex, origin, religion, opinions or any other personal or social condition. Public authorities shall create the conditions such that the equality and the liberty of the individuals may be real and effective. The Constitution recognises the right to life and fully protects it in its different phases. All persons have the right to physical and moral integrity. Article 9 1 All persons have the right to liberty and security and shall only be deprived of them on such grounds and in accordance with such procedures as are established in the Constitution and the laws. Executive detention shall take no longer than the time needed to carry out the enquiries in relation to the clarification of the case, and in all cases the detained shall be brought before the judge within 48 hours. The law shall establish a procedure so that the detained may request the court to decide about the lawfulness of the detention.

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