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It’s the last thing you need during your lowest moments, maybe when you’ve been drinking and you’re really bummed and you’re scrolling and you don’t want to accidentally like something…The way that I cope with it is trying to make amends on my own. You have to make amends with it internally before you can interact with social media. It seems trivial, but the un-follow can really hurt.

It’s literally like in the Wild Wild West when cowboys would walk three steps and turn to draw and then shoot. But it’s part of the process, especially if it didn’t end well. I have periods where I literally do go on airplane mode.

"But music videos are narratives, and they're art, and they're a love story to life…at least the ones I make!

How would you describe your relationship with social media?

I’m single now for the first time since I was fifteen.

Back in the '90s, video girls sported crop tops, diamonds, and cascades of luscious hair. I'll pay you to help out." He taught me how to clean the grips and tubes where the needle goes into the tattoo machine.

Vashtie Kola does all that, too—but she's not dancing in the background, she's standing behind the camera. I was an outcast because I was interested in things that weren't part of the culture surrounding me.

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