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The media reports prompted a wider conversation on the authenticity of the files and how much they could be trusted, with some analysts describing "inconsistencies and uncharacteristic language" used within the files.

However, Olivier told DW that intelligence agencies' most prominent indicator of the information's validity would be "the current, and real-time, surveillance" of the militant group's specific elements.

The deployment is attempting an operation that exceeds the quota for the subscription, resource group, or region.

Or, like some analyst argue, conclude that most of the information is 'white noise,'" Olivier said.

Verifying militants The information contained in the files was reportedly gathered by the militant group during "entrance interviews" given to new recruits, which included information regarding their education, family members and "so-called jihadist experience." But could the information be trusted at its inception?

The cache provides personal information on foreign fighters, including German citizens.

"Even if it is outdated, and the fact the information might not lead to 'actionable intelligence' in their target-centric intelligence approach, the files might be used to work on a few intelligence gaps in order to strengthen the operational intelligence picture in, for instance, Iraq and Syria, or domestically for counterterrorism and 'counter-recruitment operations,'" Olivier said.

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