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Get more productive with these excellent alternatives to the built-in apps Apple ships with i OS.

Deleting a built-in app is the same as deleting any other app, just press and hold on the icon on the Home screen until they jiggle, and then tap the X.

This is a good way to define locations of standard files or directories your script will work with, etc: One of the best things about shell scripting is that it's very easy to use any Unix command to generate the output and use it to set the variable.It seems like almost every time I update my playlists I screw something up and they don’t work in my car.I use a 16GB flash drive and leave it plugged into my car all the time, unless I’m updating it of course.But is it worth the risk of buying from China and forgoing any after-sales support?There is something of a 'back to basics' feel about Fujitsu's Lifebook U747, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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