Updating navman software

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I've never been big fan of GPS reliability until we purchased Lily。Thats what we call our move 50。We have a lot of fun with her and like all GPS devices she is as accurate knowlegable and reliable to arrive you at your destination if your not in too much of hurry as you will get to site see 。Recommend。reliable yes。signal excellent。 update easy just plug in to site and go 。and very easy to install。 Hi Phil, Thank you so much for your kind review.

We're very happy to know that our product met your expectations.

To make it worse, it sometimes selects the letter I press, so I can't guess which letter will come up.

And the "back button" doesn't work so you can't abort.

Drivers are essential 'mini-programs' that let us connect hardware to our computer.

They provide the right tools for our Operating System to access and use all the different devices we need to extend usability, accomplish tasks and have fun.

I won't be buying any Navman products after this debacle. Bought the Navman Move 50 as an upgrade from my old Tom Tom. Looking for a new Gps but won't try Navaman again. Bought this model purely to download and use in Ireland. It would run for 15 minutes to an hour and then die.

The battery in the move 50 would not hold a charge & now the unit is out of warrantee the screen has failed. The maps maybe old however the unit is still reliable. Poor customer support when trying to buy a Europe map and it died forever after 2 days of use in Europe. My old Tom Tom was way better and the support people actually know what to do to make devices work. I am of the opinion it is not fit for purpose as Navman have removed the map for Ireland and are unable to tell us exactly when the new version will be available . Navman were painful to deal with, however Repco organised a replacement and sent the faulty unit back to Navman. It has some problem like the battery doesn't hold the charge after 1 year.

Only good thing is while I was in the car it picked the satellite signal within one minute.

I've had my Move 55 for less than a year and the touch screen is now next to useless.

When I tap on a letter the Navman usually selects a different letter - often the letter after the one I press (no, I'm not miss-pressing).

It also gives you the speed you are travelling and warns you of red light/speed cameras.

But it failed to find a very simple address, so I need to do more tests to see it's worth the money I paid for.

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