Updating airport extreme firmware

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All of my machines are running Yosemite, so no older version of the utility are available. When I try to access it through the Airport Utility (on Yosemite machine), it says:"This version of Air Port Utility requires this Air Port Extreme use firmware version 7.3.1 or later"It will go no further in the setup process and only offers "Cancel".Apple today released new firmware updates for its Wi-Fi base stations, including the Air Port Express, Air Port Extreme, and Air Port Time Capsule.The 7.7.8 update is available for 802.11ac base stations, while the 7.6.8 update is available for 802.11n base stations.Opening it quickly revealed that it contains actual download links for firmware images under the firmware Updates key (it’s actually an array of dictionaries, with each element corresponding to a firmware file).To find your file look for a dictionary containing your product number under the product ID key, 7.6.1 under the version key, and you’ll get the download link in the location key, as you can see below: Also note that I had to download the firmware directly attaching the ADSL modem to my Mac, as at the end routing was so hectic that I was not able to do it via the Air Port Extreme.The update packs a fix for a bug that made the router invisible in Air Port Utility when Back to my Mac was enabled.

Apple has released new firmware updates for Air Port Extreme, Air Port Time Capsule and Air Port Express. Despite reports claiming Apple has ceased production of its Air Port lineup of wireless routers, it seems as though the company is not done providing software support for them, yet.

I was using a Apple Airport Extreme for my network.

I find myself now having to use a rather sizeable Huawei modem.

I note that the latest firmware update has enabled full bridge mode.

Does anyone know if the Pace V5542 can be used in full bridge mode PPPo E with an Airport Extreme (that does not do VLAN tagging) with UFB? I have an Airport Extreme along with an Airport Express.

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