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The scammers are using their images without their knowledge or permission to deceive their victims and steal their money.The scammers are using their images without their knowledge and permission to deceive their victims and scam them out of money. I searched for the man in the city, but to find to me and it was not possible. I am a children's doctor the pediatrist, work in children's multiclinic more than one year. Now many children are suffered various dispositions and jammings, and my work are required.

And you has been surprised very much, what I think, having received it? Yes, I wished to tell to you that I more likely not awfully know english language so many years studied it at school, and then and in teh university.I have decided to write you the letter if you lonely and wish to find to yourself the wife or the girlfriend, write to me on mine email. It is separately paid also, therefore for a life it is sufficient. Only The miracle has rescued to me, the life, me then made only 3 years. About the big impatience I look forward to hearing from you. Received: from [173.1] ([46.1]) From: [email protected]: Internet-cafe GOODLINE-INFO E-Light-Telecom Konstantin Usachev 650099 Kuznetsky 18 Kemerovo Russian Federation I welcome you the my dear friend xxxxx! And it is very interesting for me to read your letters, and to learn more about each other.I the lonely girl, wish to find the husband and to be the favourite wife, I want serious long-term relations. []) From: Info Tracer is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL, NAME or PHONE. I hope you, you will not be holiday without questions on the attention, interesting me. And I knew that you very interesting person, the remarkable interlocutor and the good friend. It extremely pleasant for me, it also our acquaintance and dialogue involves to you.But then it has betrayed me and meet other woman, is more younger then than me. Probably to tell, I appear even very sports person, in any kind. But, possibly, figure skating for me the most favourite. Also that your favourite also is not present Favourite kinds of sports meets? Received: from RU-SPB-NA-224 ([]) From: [email protected]: Internet-cafe .... I am very glad, which you are interesting to inform with me and to learn about me all secrets. I very much become tired, but it is my work, I should help children. I would like to feel your breath, to see your eyes, to hear your voice xxxxx You know how it is difficult to explain all feelings in letter? I want forget mine shame and pride and to rush towards to my love. You come to my life like fresh wind and make me happy in short period. I was absolutely different woman before i have met you. Yes, you give me the life is full paints and flowers. Henceforth i would like to live with you and observe how you sleep and how you awake. I can't explain all feelings which i have in my heart now. The travel agency will make all travel documents to you within 7-10 days. When I have learned it I came to my work and cried very much. xxxxxx love - is the free treatment without any coercion, full of care, warmth and dedication, this relationship, in which people absolutely and unconditionally loved, they are dedicating themselves well-being another, his comfort and development, they give each other the opportunity to avoid the pain of loneliness and boredom, the other possibility samorastvoreniya. My love is another very good feature of the most robust love - it is hope! We need to believe and even to wait the sake of love. My love xxxxx forgive me for such a letter, if it seem to you boring! Nikolay Metluk Sedova str, 80 192171 Saint-Petersburg RUSSIAN FEDERATIONHello my the prince xxxxx!!! My love you for me all on light and I madly love you!My heart has been broken, but I am a strong woman, and I could to overcome this way. I always try to observe on the TV, all championships, All Olympic Games, with participation of our Russian sportsmen. Whether you observe from the party, on TV From sportsmen of it or such sports meets. Today I had, many work, and it has come time me to run. In the following letter I will write About my hobby. Though in each woman should be, though one unresolved secret. Always it is a pity, when sick children, they always much more helpless than adults. It is a lot of schools and kindergartens are closed on quarantine and in us in doctors the big work. Probably, i am the happiest woman in the world, because i have such beautiful man like you. You can't imagine how i want you will near with me now. In mine own world i tell you that i so happy see you and feel you. And even easier if we will to live in our own world together. I could turn over page of my sad past and forget all pain which i had. Now i am strong very strong , and you give me this force. For us in Russia it is very big money, If my salary for a month only 170 dollars. My love is my understanding that in our relations are such minutes, when we do not understand each other. Over time, you understand that you can not live without her Prince! But I write it as I imagine my love for you and what should be my love in the future ! We with you love is the most expensive feeling for me on light.

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