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Sometimes those changes make sense, at other times they seem pretty random. In the audio commentary, the producers say that they had planned to connect the games that are about Hofman's and William's life.

In the theatrical version, Jill activates the timer of Hoffman's trap herself by closing the door after she has left the room.

This is good for fans of the Saw franchise but people who are not familiar with the series will have problems to follow some of the cutbacks.

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However, the other bonus materials are on the DVD, which was not the case for Saw V.

Like the Unrated versions of its direct prequels, Saw VI Unrated can be considered a true Director's Cut, as the changes were not necessarily made because of complaints from the MPAA.

Actually, the Unrated version only contains very few scenes in which the violence was extended or intensified.

1,5 sec - / - Some unimportant alternative footage is shown when Jill enters the doctor's office.

(Theatrical Version: 25,5 sec / Unrated Version: 20,3 sec).

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