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Be friendly and kind and think of something different than just dinner and a movie. They need to know what they want, how to obtain it, and actually working towards it!

Houston is full of women who like southern gentle men. " -Kristen Nicole, Houston "The main qualities in Houston singles are just being able to have a stable future.

Not all of us care if you make 6 figures and drive a BMW.

There is the zoo, aquarium, museums, theaters, parks.. My favorite spot to take someone is the waterfall by the Williams Tower.

Good spots for a date..most romantic thing you could do is a nice candlelight dinner at home for the lady. Let us know that they need us and love us and depend upon us.

You can meet singles anywhere in Houston." -Raheem Washington, Houston/Humble "For men, we love honest women. At times, we just need to know that security of a woman. If the whole world is turning against us, we need to know that we can turn to our woman to protect us.

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festivals, and live events should never be overlooked.Date somebdy you've never dated before, whose interests you once found "odd", because it gives you something to look forward to and learn about.Other than the typical movie and dinner date, a walk in the park (aka OP Schnapel or Raymond Rimkus) is definitely not a bad idea.Prompt service and tasty food with a family-style serving approach.Try it out sometime." -Isabear, Irving "Girls are interested in honest, caring, funny guys with a great personality.

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