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[Read More…] The Tennis Australian Open Championship established itself as one of the world’s Premier tournaments staged annually during the last two weeks of January, with Melbourne Park, Melbourne, Australia as the elected event host.

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And I need to work, because his care is very expensive.'She said she was worried if she named the producer she would stop receiving offers of work.'I will not name this person because I would like my phone to ring.' The confession was hard for her to make as she is a private person, Mahone said.'Basically, he tried to put his hand up my shirt, and I slapped him.Rodney George Laver enjoyed a professional career spanning 24 years and retained his position as the world No. He took his first Tennis Australian Open title in 1960 after defeating Neale Fraser a fellow Australian player he went on to win the same title on another two occasions despite suffering from a ban lasting five years in the pre-Open era.He still holds an all-time male singles record of having taken 22 titles during a single season in 1962.Much better than I expected so far.” He said he hoped to be back on court “soon – very soon.” The Scot said that his passion for tennis was “much higher” than it had been when he was top of the world rankings.“I can tell you sitting on a couch right now whilst the Australian Open is on that I would give back being number 1 in the world just to be back playing on the court again,” he said.

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