True confessions of an online dating addict

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My grandfather, bless his soul, carried on an illegal craps game in the back room of a kosher deli in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

A few unfortunate brushes with local law enforcement did nothing to squash his gaming spirit and he instilled his passion in my beloved uncle.

My first few visits were far from pretty; not just a slow bleed of cash, more like an agonizing, gushing laceration.

It's hard choosing just one angle for your entire life story. The best profile photographs always cover the basics – sexy, sporty and slightly mysterious.

Surfing photos show physical ability and put you in a bikini, in Europe or at least Durban (this also shows you travel).

' I have to confess, I absolutely love my life. " It's not often you get to quote your online dating profile's personal "narrative".

And why wouldn't I I live in this beautiful city where I get to go for morning walks on the mountain, surf in Muizenberg (when the Cape Doctor isn't making house calls) or just relax in some postcard- perfect spot and read. That's the part where you get 20 to 2 000 words to "sell" yourself, or at least the SABS-approved version you want to put forward.

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