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He had a British accent and took Caitlin on many dates, including a picnic by the mall fountain, a coffee shop date, and a visit to an opening art gallery.

On the last of these dates, he caught Caitlin cheating on him with Vince and broke up with her.

Robbie did his best to wreck Jonesy's date, at first by suggesting that Jonesy likes sushi, then by making Jonesy eat his boogers, and finally by making Jonesy kiss him in place of Amelie.

Eventually, Jonesy got fed up, and threw Robbie into the fountain, which made Amelie break up with him and got him arrested.

Billy is habitually seen in jeans with checkered patches held up by red suspenders, checkered sneakers, a white shirt, and a white derby hat. Blake is a guy who expressed interest in Caitlin in "2-4-1." He has blonde hair and blue eyes, and his attire consists of a green sweater and white scarf.

As a result, Jen was forced to date Carl while Caitlin went out with Billy.Caitlin had a huge crush on Billy until she found out that he had a bad case of acne on his back (or, as Nikki put it, bacne).After finding out about this, she broke up with Billy, which angered Jen because she had been forced to go out on double dates with Carl.Estas son todas las medidas de seguridad adoptadas por el ayuntamiento de Pasaia, tras el desprendimiento de una piedra de más de 300kg hace una semana, que esta vez solo alcanzó a varios vehículos...En la calle lizardi hay 6 tramos de escaleras mecánicas.

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