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He owns twenty-two properties, in nine states and Argentina, and he spends about half his time at one or another of them.

NTI is a non-partisan organization dedicated to reducing global reliance on, and preventing the proliferation of, nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.

Stellar: From the age of 14, Mary spent the remainder of her teenage years in the star's home in Santa Monica, California, hobnobbing with Hollywood greats.

Pictured together at Fonda's 60th birthday Describing Jane’s excitement at being wooed by Turner, Mary told how she was treated to ‘a whole new world’ following their marriage.

His influence at the world’s largest media company was pervasive; he played the role of crazy-uncle-in-the-basement whose large appetite for cost-cutting has to be appeased, and in the process he helped revive the company’s stock.

of Time Warner, who told Turner what Turner had often told others: the company was going to reorganize.

But when, in January of 2000, Time Warner and Turner agreed to join with the Internet company America Online, Turner was not invited to participate in the talks about how the merged company would function.

The last time Corky competed was on Season 7 with Cloris Leachman.Turner Broadcasting would no longer report to Turner but, rather, to Robert Pittman, the chief operating officer of AOL.Turner is America’s largest individual landowner, with nearly two million acres, or the rough equivalent of the land area of Delaware and Rhode Island combined.This touch, this healthy loving touch, was a revelation.’Mary got to know Jane well after several summers at the theatre camp.But her growing confidence and progress were shattered when she was repeatedly raped aged 14 by a man whom she met after answering his advert in a local paper for budding actors to audition.

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