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I could feel short hair; the kind you get after a few days growth.I used her juices to lube my fingers and smeared it from her clit to her lips, to her perineum (I didn't want to risk touching her ass and having her offended, after all).Deep down, not only did they want to eat pussy, they wanted to do it for others to watch!I slid my hand under the skirt of the lover, to the crotch of her panties.

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I slid my fingers under the crotch and ran them along her lush slit.

It was Girls' Night Out at the local strip club (all the swinging cock you can hope to almost see) and I'd had a few drinks.

I needed to use the restroom so I made my way through the crowd, back to the door that proudly read "LADIES." Like a moth drawn to the flame, I was immediately attracted to the stall with the most room and the most light.

The lover sat on her box-like perch and watched us through dreamy eyes.

Out of my peripheral vision, I could see she was tracing her cunt lips with her fingers, teasing herself or perhaps, waiting for her turn.

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