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In non-violent period,each and every year they are not only loosing their Rights,but also their self respect,their Honor,their wealth etc. Sri Lankan Pride March 3, 2012 pm (Pacific time)Tim, even some of the most prominent tamil activists who are anti-sinhala, anti-sri lankan admit the LTTE killed many tamil civilians in addition to the thousands of Sinhala civilians.

Also the Srilankan Govt induced the Mass violence against Tamils and executed it with the help of police and Army personals. I can point you to scores of independent media reports where this is well documented.

Most of the people in the world doesn't know the history of Tamil's fight for their freedom and their history of their own kingdom in Sri Lanka. I have yet to come across a war where there were no civilian casualties.

British Govt, only in 1833, for their convenience, joined the Tamil Kingdom and the Sri Lankan Kingdom into one. The last time I checked it was the US that dropped the atom bomb on Japan to end the war.

I made your link live and I also want to say again that this is not a beef against a country or a culture, it is a problem about war crimes and unregulated, undisciplined soldiers running roughshod over humanity.

A long tradition of art and crafts on the island of Sri Lanka has developed into a vibrant contemporary modern art scene.

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This is something we the sri lankan people will not allow.

Now why would one want to do that if our military is committing war crimes.

Also why does the UN enlist sri lankan forces to serve in peace keeping missions? Tim King: Again, you fail to address the Tamil tragedy, you talk about thousands of civilians killed and I am talking about tens of thousands maybe closer to 200k.

Sri Lankan Pride March 3, 2012 pm (Pacific time)Tim King: First, if I need information on terrorism supporters, I'll call your embassy, what better representative for terrorism exists? Do you really think I get this information from the west? have you spoken to the thousands of the sinhala victims?

Think again, most of the support for the Tamils comes out of India and SL A good part of it has come right out of the victim's hands.. Sri Lankan Pride: The last time I checked the sri lankan government is not a terrorist organization. There are more than 2 million tamils in sri lanka.. Have you spoken to the tamil victims that were tortured and killed by the LTTE?

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