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He is one of the two primary aspects of Amida Buddha.The first aspect is Amitabah, the Buddha of Infinite love and Light. Yes iwo naa, you and you reading this including me.Amitayus Buddha is the Buddha of Health and Physical Immortality.

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I have very strong opinions on issues i am interested in. This means that herbs are supportive medicine and do not by themselves effect a final cure.Lastly, Lama Longchenpa here symbolizes ethical idealism and wholesome discipline. Also implied in his presence on the thangka is the need to mature meditation practice to the level of calm abiding in our true nature.So the order that I would recommend is to first build the protective field, call back all the energy that is truly our own back to us, release all the energy within us that is not our own, breathe in the support of the four elements of the Earth, and then activate the human growth hormone (regenerative elixir).The next step is to invoke White Tara to transmute the afflicted emotions of anger, fear, sadness, jealousy, and arrogance into creativity, wisdom, compassion, accomplishment, and humility.

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