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How many times have you had to repeat your name to someone (both in person and on the phone)?

How many times have you had someone cracking up with laughter, because they thought you said something different to what you actually said?

Speech recognition may be based on text representations of words and their phonetic “translation” (pronunciations) but the whole process is actually statistical.

What you say to the system will be processed by the system as a wave signal like this one here: Speech signal for “..

It could be your dictation system that you’ve installed on your PC to take notes down, or start writing emails and letters.

It could be your hand-held dictation system that you carry around as a doctor or a lawyer, composing a medical report on your patients or talking to your clients, walking up and down the room.

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Give it to your mate or colleague though and it will break down, or misrecognise you in some way.

Likewise, the very same English letter combinations and words will sound even more different when spoken by a Greek, a German or a Japanese person.

In order to deal with those cases, speech recognition lexica are augmented with additional “pronunciations” for each problematic word.

and sadly crime experts predict that one day even a friendly conversation between mother and daughter will be conducted at gunpoint” 🙂 (Based on the Channel 4 comedy series “Brass Eye” – Season 1) So the machine will have to figure out what you’re saying by chopping this signal up into parts, each representing a word that makes sense in the context of the surrounding words.

Unfortunately the same signal can potentially be chopped up in several different ways, each representing a different string of words and of course a different meaning!

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