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For the employer, this raises a number of legal issues.The safe workplace In most states, employers are forced to walk a delicate line between their obligation to provide a safe workplace for employees—and the ramifications for them if they fail to do so—and their obligation to refrain from considering an employee’s criminal history, except as it relates to suitability for employment.When a grocery store manager was leafing through his inbox on a Monday morning earlier this year, he found an anonymously sent envelope containing a page that had appeared to have been printed from a “Megan’s Law” Web site, which states set up to identify sex offenders to the public.

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It was one of his store employees who at that moment was stocking store shelves about 50 steps away.

According to the printout, the employee had a six-year-old conviction for indecent assault.

Others take a bolder approach and demand that employers take immediate action.

Inevitably, pages printed from Megan’s Law Web sites are passed around the workplace, fostering gossip and, in some cases, embellishment of the facts.

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