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By Kim Sheilds Despite what most of us are led to believe, there is nothing mysterious or elusive about the female orgasm.

Find out which ones prefer feminization fantasies and which ones adore a cuckold roleplay call as well as many other erotic and kinky secrets.

This is a call in show on Talk Shoe and callers are encouraged to ask kinky questions of the sexy mistresses.

This is one of the many things you were probably never taught about sex, since you grew up in a society too afraid of it to have truly open dialogue on the subject.

Ending the Sexual Dark Age will guide you, a step at a time, to the healthy attitude towards sexuality that you would have been taught in a genuinely civilized world.

From the basics of sex to ways to ease into back door play to non-traditional relationships, this show has a piece for everyone to learn and enjoy.

We cover subjects that the ostrich media (mainstream media) simply will not cover.

The pair discuss the distinct health benefits of orgasms for men and women, how limiting how often you ejaculate can actually make you more productive, why stress is the number one killer of libido, how to pinpoint why your sex drive is lower than you want it to be, and why hacking your sex life can motivate you in all aspects of your life. She gives some tell-tale signs that your relationship isn't moving at a healthy pace, ways to effectively work through an affair, why you have to let you partner know right away if sex is causing you pain, and how to get past your jealousy over your partner's relationship with a sex toy.

Thank you for supporting our sponsors who help keep the show FREE: Hello Fresh, UVee, Intensity, Promescent On today's show, Emily is joined by sex educator and author, Dr.

Plus, they reveal the number one thing men crave in bed and it may not be what you think.

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