Seattle dating scene

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But with the tech giants present and bringing in so many engineer types I'm worried how the balance is (I'm also an engineer).

I have several interest areas and my goal would be to do those activities and hopefully date naturally, rather than use dating apps. What helps is to join outdoor recreation groups of some sort: hiking (The Mountaineers), rowing or kayaking, rock climbing, or attending REI lecture events, joining one of the neighborhood soccer leagues or volleyball through the Parks Dept., and that sort of thing.

That was enough to see Seattle’s patterns, she says.

And most of her 300-plus clients have embraced her one-size-fits-all formula.

That is in addition to being a religious Christian/Mormon society where many women get married off by their early 20s.

Way too much aggressive, needy men, fighting over any woman and people c**k-blocking you left and right. I've been in more potential fights in two years living in Boise, then in the last 15 years.

With the city’s weather showcasing the sun for approximately one third of the year only, its citizens aren’t terribly motivated to leave their houses, not to mention meet other people. For a city that not only finds numbers interesting but potentially even romantic, here are the dating digits to know.

That’s right—we’re talking the Seattle Freeze and dating in the Emerald City.

Whether this singular boot camp can fix the city’s awkward, left-brained singles depends on one thing: Are we really drowning in lovelorn tech bros at all?

In 2015, City Lab and Toronto’s Martin Prosperity Institute estimated that Seattle has 1,068 single adult men to every 1,000 unattached women; many of those extra Y chromosomes are likely in tech, seeing as in 2016 Amazon reported that just 25 percent of its professional employees were women.

However, I've always had difficulty trying to date and I don't want to be in a place that would make it much more difficult with the high male/female ratio.

I love the environment of Seattle - cool, cloudy, rainy.

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