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To register, users must click "Register" on the e TRAC site and provide the required information, and either complete an e TRAC Online Account Authorization Form for their company, or be listed on a company's form that has already been completed and approved.If you have any questions about e TRAC or need assistance navigating the site, please visit our resource page or call Lei Frazier at 912-651-6510 Number 1393 or send her an email.The new server includes improved cryptography protocols and security. Savannah is in the process of being migrated to updated systems. After much effort the Savannah Hackers team is beginning a migration of the many components of Savannah.Yesterday this was moved and then rolled back due to a regression. Savannah is going to be "under construction" for a brief time as services are moved. [Read more]Last Friday May 6th Savannah was moved to new hosting in the same datacenter with many various assorted related and unrelated changes.

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This includes projects using cvs for source code, and all web cvs repositories for

For a short time, until the old address stops working, both addresses will function to help smooth the migration.

Matchmaking companies are devoted to finding suitable romantic partners for their customers.

If you would like to use Savannah to host your project, then go to the Register new project menu entry.

We strongly recommend all Savannah users subscribe to this mailing list: The mercurial hg services have been moved to the new server.

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