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But I've always been much more interested in what's going on in men's fashion and what's happening on the men's runways, looking for ways to be androgynous and sort of play with the ideas of gender. "Sara: We were talking about sort of flipping the silhouettes from the last album cycle, which [our stylist] Turner referred to as "Tank Girl"—really tight pants, big clunky boots with oversize shirts, or a button-up with a leather jacket. Having a longer jacket or a thin, more streamlined shoe on the bottom.

When I see men playing with more feminine silhouettes or more feminine ideas—even just the layering and the longer shirts and the longer jackets, things that almost start to look like skirts or dresses—it's weird, because I'm like, "Maybe I want to do that! Sara: We're having all these conversations about changing silhouettes, which I find hilarious because in the past we would just dump a drawer from the dresser into our suitcase before a tour and hope for the best. I hated that people would get up two hours before school to do their hair and makeup.

Tegan, Lindsey, and some other guy all have this tattoo….. I swear, next time there’s a Tegan and Sara Chat this should be everyone’s question.

No offense to Dsquared2's Dean and Dan Caten, but we've been taking our style cues from another set of Canadian twins lately: Indie darlings-turned-pop tour de force Tegan and Sara, identical twin sisters from Calgary.

And while raiding the closets of our female counterparts isn't our usual m.o., just look at their clothes!

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With "Boyfriend" especially I feel like I've been there; I've been really into a girl who had a boyfriend, and plenty of other guys have too.Sara: When we're talking about gay and straight, and when we're talking about love, love is love. It doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl. No, maybe you weren't raised to believe that as a man you can relate to me as a woman singing about me with another woman. profile, Jack Antonoff, who regularly works with artists like Taylor Swift and Sia, mentions how many other artists were influenced by your last record, Heartthrob**. ** Tegan: We actually performed "Closer" with Taylor at Staples Center and she said onstage, "This isn't just a band where I like one song.Sara: I didn't just feel excited, I felt fucking grateful."People are constantly saying, ' They're gay and they're women, so I won't relate if I'm a guy.' And it's like, we have more in common with you than we have with anyone else." Did you think at the start of your careers you would ever be discussing silhouettes? To be completely honest, I had spent much of my life having a complicated relationship with clothing and with my body and my gender because I felt like such a boy. I felt so envious of my guy friends who would wake up, throw their clothes on, brush their teeth, and drive to school.I had long hair down to the middle of my back, and when I graduated from twelfth grade, I went straight to the hair salon and shaved my head, bleached my hair. Though sometimes I Sara: But I also can go back really quickly into that feeling of freedom.

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