Reasons for dating a softball player

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Masini says, “Some men become sports fans because they feel every movement that their favorite athletes make.

In their minds, they’re on the field, in the game with the player.

Nothing illegal is truly being committed in these situations, but most universities do have policies put in place to prevent such relationships.

Athletes need to be able to trust in their coaches.

A popular suggestion is that the two just wait until the athlete graduates and leaves the team. No one knows for sure how relationships will play out.

“If they truly want to be together, time shouldn’t matter,” Carli Langley, SAU cross country runner, said. Since the coach is already willing to put his or her job on the line by having the relationship in the first place, why can’t the two just put their love life on pause for a little bit and hit play after the athlete has graduated? Why does the couple have to wait to see if they are truly meant for each other? Since it’s so taboo, society does not want a coach/athlete relationship blooming, regardless of the circumstances.

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There will be all sorts of pressure placed on the coach: his or her reputation will be under fire, respect for him or her will decrease, other athletes on the team will always think that their teammate is receiving special treatment, and feelings are almost guaranteed to get in the way of the ultimate goal: winning games and working together to become the best team they can be.

“A coach should be a coach and a friend,” Hayden Nichols, SAU baseball player, said, “and nothing else.” The top reason for why a player and coach relationship is immoral seems to be special treatment.

An unprofessional coach would more than likely let his or her feelings get in the way and start to put the “special athlete” on a pedestal.

They are the player and they want what the player wants — a good game, great play, and a win.” When men see their idols defeated, it’s an opportunity for them to be in these situations where disappointment and loss occur.

Masini continues, “Learning how to deal with feelings requires opportunities like these to actually have the feelings as well to find out what works for the men, themselves, in terms of healing.

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