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This leads to reduced radiometric resolution - the ability to detect fine energy differences.

To increase the amount of energy detected (and thus, the radiometric resolution) without reducing spatial resolution, we would have to broaden the wavelength range detected for a particular channel or band.

a lava flow over the top of the layer a fossil is contained in).

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Every time an image is acquired on film or by a sensor, its sensitivity to the magnitude of the electromagnetic energy determines the radiometric resolution. The illustration on the left shows the image presented in two bits, or 4 shades of grey.

The radiometric resolution of an imaging system describes its ability to discriminate very slight differences in energy The finer the radiometric resolution of a sensor, the more sensitive it is to detecting small differences in reflected or emitted energy. The illustration on the right is the same but presented in 8 bits or 256 shades of grey, which provides more details.

..there are trade-offs between spatial, spectral, and radiometric resolution which must be taken into consideration when engineers design a sensor.

Thus, the radiometric resolution would be much less.

Image data are generally displayed in a range of grey tones, with black representing a digital number of 0 and white representing the maximum value (for example, 255 in 8-bit data).

Several images using a low light level are acquired to determine the initial fluorescence, and then a high level of light for a short time inside a region of interest is applied to bleach the fluorescence.

Finally, another set of images using a light level sufficiently low to prevent further bleaching is acquired to gain insight into the redistribution of molecules via recovery of also be used to study protein dynamics outside the membrane: a region of interest within the cytoplasm or cellular structures within the cell can be monitored.

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