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Inspired by a reader, Kathryn, we bring you: 2 Minutes in Heaven! Taunt and tease your spouse with a little game of Shake or Dare!

The game where the turn of a card will determine if a decadent treat lands on your body or in the blender for a tasty milkshake for post bedroom fun! Continue Reading SPICE it up for one night or ROCK it all week long?! But overtime, life seems to take over and our desire for connecting intimately with our spouse dwindles! We've got all of the "Ideas" Contest Winners in one place and some fabulous Father's Day ideas to make your husband's Father's Day memorable.

If you are looking for a game to play with your spouse that adds just the right amount of spice, this one might be just the one for you! We're sure you've NEVER played a bedroom game as delicious as this!

With gorgeous printables and lots of options for personalization, you have a quick and easy bedroom game! If playing "dirty" is your thing, then this bedroom game is sure to hit the spot!

As you know, here at The Dating Divas we’re not shy at all about bedroom games!

They make those intimate times (which are soooo important for your marriage) fun and fresh. While our sexy bedroom games usually require some printing, cutting, and preparation, I want to share with you a new app called Ultimate Intimacy that we were lucky enough to get to try out!

Regardless of race, creed, species, plane of existence, or definition of "alive," your perfect match is waiting for you somewhere in the great cosmos.

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My personal favorites are the fantasy escapes, but you’ll need to download the app to discover what that’s all about.

You can even “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” the things you like or don’t like (like Spotify). These features are for the paid version but it’s a SUPER low price.

#worthit The Ultimate Intimacy app is more than just the game.

Whether or not you believe dating sims are purely for pervs, you cannot deny the incredible, atypical affairs of the heart on display in these games. Supports the love between: Keiji Inafune's niece and some theme park employees So you're going along, reading the description for Sweet Fuse, and everything seems to be on the up and up. Sadly - perhaps, even, tragically - because you are Keiji Inafune's makebelieve niece you can't date the man himself.

The game is "a heart-felt blend of bomb-defusing action and death-defying romance" with puzzles to solve and people to date, all very typical of the genre. In his stead, Sweet Fuse has a stable of hunky dudes to fill the game designer's shoes, including fighting game champ Kouta Meoshi and Ryuusei Mitarashi, male gigolo.

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