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There were men walking the streets of Los Angeles who had been severely damaged by their war experiences–how many of them were capable of murder? LAPD detectives were diligent in their investigation into Short’s slaying. There had been nineteen confessions–none of which panned out.

Murder Car — this is the auto in which the body of Mrs. There were more than 2700 reports taken on the case. In 1949 the DA’s office issued a report on the investigation into Short’s murder.

She also praised the steps SUNY Canton has taken to make the college a welcome place for veterans to earn their college degrees.

"We understand there is a long-term commitment to our veterans.

Cops were unaccustomed to stranger murders; and I believe several of the women whose cases they had been investigating were killed or taken by either a complete stranger or a recent acquaintance.

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Assemblywoman Russell said the North Country has a long history of respecting and supporting veterans.

Veterans talk to other veterans differently," he said, noting they can relate to shared experiences that are different than their fellow students. Army and former co-advisor and then advisor of the SUNY Canton Student Veterans' Association, served as keynote speaker for the dedication ceremony for the 11th Battle Buddy Center operating in the state.

Paul Qurini, outreach and communications specialist with NYSID, said the campus centers for veterans are based on the battle buddy concept instilled in active duty members of the military. "SUNY Canton has received military friendly status many times over the years.

In part the report stated: “[she] knew at least fifty men at the time of her death and at least 25 men had been seen with her within the 60 day period preceding her death. She has been confused with a Los Angeles prostitute by the same name…She was known as a teaser of men.

She would ride with them, chisel a place to sleep, clothes or money, but she would then refuse to have sexual intercourse by telling them that she was a virgin or that she was engaged or married.

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