Passed legislation mandating additional reductions

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For purposes of this section, “good faith effort” means all reasonable and feasible efforts by a jurisdiction to implement its organic waste recycling program.During its review, the department may include, but is not limited to, consideration of the following factors in its evaluation of a jurisdiction’s good faith effort:(1) The extent to which businesses have complied with Section 42649.81, including information on the amount of disposal that is being diverted from the businesses, if available, and on the number of businesses that are complying with Section 42649.81.(2) The recovery rate of the organic waste from the material recovery facilities that are utilized by the businesses, all information, methods, and calculations, and any additional performance data, as requested by the department from the material recovery facilities pursuant to Section 18809.4 of Title 14 of the California Code of Regulations.The jurisdiction shall include this information as part of the annual report required pursuant to Section 41821.(2) On and after August 1, 2017, in addition to the information required by paragraph (1), each jurisdiction shall report to the department on the progress achieved in implementing its organic waste recycling program, including education, outreach, identification, and monitoring, on its rationale for allowing exemptions, and, if applicable, on enforcement efforts.The jurisdiction shall include this information as part of the annual report required pursuant to Section 41821.(2) The department also may review whether a jurisdiction is in compliance with this section at any time that the department receives information that a jurisdiction has not implemented, or is not making a good faith effort to implement, an organic waste recycling program.(h) During a review pursuant to subdivision (g), the department shall determine whether the jurisdiction has made a good faith effort to implement its selected organic waste recycling program.

This bill would, commencing April 1, 2016, require a business that generates a specified amount of organic waste per week to arrange for recycling services for that organic waste in a specified manner.But Senate Republican leader Mitch Mc Connell gave no indication his party would cooperate on climate change any more than it has helped Democrats in the long fight over healthcare reform.“The last thing American families need right now is to be hit with a new energy tax every time they flip on a light switch, or fill up their car -- but that’s exactly what this bill would do,” Mc Connell said. environmental groups joined Obama in welcoming the Senate Democrats’ bill, but some said it would not take enough carbon out of the air.WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama’s drive to fight global warming got a boost on Wednesday as Democrats in the U. Senate unveiled a bill aimed at slashing greenhouse gas emissions in the next four decades. funds in finding cleaner ways to burn coal and other fuels.The plan aims to cut carbon dioxide and other pollutants by encouraging broader use of solar, wind and other renewable fuels in place of dirtier ones such as oil. Written by liberal Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry, the proposal would achieve a 20 percent reduction in smokestack emissions by 2020 from 2005 levels.

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