Openbsd updating ports

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This is common on Linux, as well, but the ability to determine what is built against which versions, and to be able to keep up with whether, say, an insecure version can be removed without breaking things on the system, is much weaker (non-existent, as far as I can tell).Open BSD has many fine qualities and very smart people working on it, and I don't think it's the dumbest idea ever to use it.Open BSD packages are bundles of pre-compiled third party software.There are made available on Open BSD FTP and HTTP mirrors, organized by Open BSD version and machine architecture.

Readers already familiar with Open BSD system administration may wish to skip over this section.The ownership and permissions of files are tracked, and the package tools will notice if files are missing or have been modified.Dependency tracking, resolution, individual file check-summing and package signing are all performed.Somehow, in every conversation about ports failings as a package manager, there will always be people talking about binaries, and how you can totally install binaries with ports and so there's no reason to not like ports.I find it annoyingly time-consuming to build everything from scratch, but it's not a deal-breaker.

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