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colorderainbow:whats ur id name there on exbii vasudha: Then all and sundry know I am lalitha vasudha:and my sex is all in my sexcapades colorderainbow:okay colorderainbow:okay buddy colorderainbow:but u r very true colorderainbow:thats what i like most colorderainbow:u never tried to fake [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] vasudha: Have u read a few incidents of mine ? t=528467 colorderainbow:i had read colorderainbow:let me see it again [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] colorderainbow:okay so its u vasudha:yeah colorderainbow:great vasudha:it is me having sex vasudha:in real colorderainbow:hmmmm colorderainbow:but may be i havent read it full colorderainbow:but u have good writting skill vasudha:with those lovely dicks that played with my pussy and boobs colorderainbow:u know i was talking to a jerk yesterday who thought there is no lady at exbii colorderainbow:indian boys are just so sick about sex vasudha:thanks darling and people say I have a great pussy to fuck also colorderainbow:give me the chance to say so as well colorderainbow: LOL colorderainbow:hahahhaa vasudha: I surfed the net for 2 days before deciding to write my incidents on exbii vasudha: Guess it is difficult finding a platform to write colorderainbow:hmmm colorderainbow:so how long u have been on exbii vasudha: It is on my first page vasudha: That is the only thread I have colorderainbow:i found it seating in my dubai office coz most of porn was banned there colorderainbow:its being a just writting was left behind so i used to read in office time vasudha:hmmm colorderainbow:hmmm colorderainbow:when did u started talking to mevrick vasudha:very recently vasudha:actually there was this guy from dubai with whom I exchanged mails vasudha:he stopped so I turned to maverick colorderainbow:okay colorderainbow:so u had approached him looking at his yahoo id on exbii vasudha: This is a nice way of satisfying self when there is no real one round vasudha: No vasudha: I sent him a private msg saying I was ready as long as he did not disclose my ID.But the guy while replacing left a few vasudha: That is how guys got it and added me vasudha: I chose a few and u r one of those colorderainbow:hmmmm colorderainbow:u know its very easy to change teh id colorderainbow:copy the chat in ms word colorderainbow:hit control H n replace the word u want to change colorderainbow:thats how i do colorderainbow:n there is no chance that it will go on post vasudha: But it went and I found u darling vasudha: So nice of maverick colorderainbow:hahahhaha vasudha:so when he ain't ther like today I get to talk to y vasudha:u colorderainbow:he is satisfying some other named archana vasudha:bindaas talk vasudha:and u enjoy it too colorderainbow:yeah colorderainbow:i love sex colorderainbow:my friend call me sex maniac colorderainbow:but i take it as a pride colorderainbow:hahahha vasudha: Hmmm vasudha: Sex mechanic is a better term vasudha:) colorderainbow:hahahhaha colorderainbow:fixing the troubled machine like u colorderainbow:hahhahaha vasudha: Yeah I need just a lil vasudha:sex chat vasudha:to arouse my feelings for me to finger fuck mslef colorderainbow:hmmm colorderainbow:have u done sex talk colorderainbow:on phone or voice chat vasudha: After all this month is probably a dry month vasudha: No vasudha:and Maverick like a gr8 guy sent me a voice chat!colorderainbow:n then she left for her worjk colorderainbow:she said she was just so rest less colorderainbow:n thanked me to help colorderainbow:but she never turned up online ever again vasudha: It helps me relax too vasudha: Maybe u scared her darling vasudha:u need to be gentle with us even while fucking us virtually colorderainbow:hahhahahha colorderainbow:i think she was scared coz she had voice chat colorderainbow:as u r scared of it vasudha: I wasn't acually.Only when I saw 2500 downloads vasudha: It blew my brains off making me swear!vasudha: Since then I have gone dry colorderainbow:hahhahaha vasudha::d colorderainbow:not 100% dry vasudha: Yep vasudha:today is dry though colorderainbow:maverick n me have made u wet at times vasudha: I feel like having sex a few times before I travel vasudha: Just need to find the guy vasudha: He made me have my orgasm vasudha:u will too soon colorderainbow:hmmm colorderainbow:hey where do u catch flight to go out vasudha: I aon;t talking anything on that front colorderainbow:if u use delhi airport for international flight then its possible vasudha:and don;t get wrong ideas vasudha:) colorderainbow:okay its ur wish colorderainbow:not a compulsion vasudha: I am not that despo u see vasudha:) vasudha: Maybe in 5 years I will be colorderainbow:hahhahahhaha vasudha: After all wrong side of 40 can be wretched!colorderainbow:okay i will wait for u to turn 40 colorderainbow:40 vasudha: Then my pussy might just go dry and you will be left fucking its lips!The only affair I was not carefu; vasudha: FIrst time was at friends place vasudha: Then my house vasudha: Then there was this client who had come over. Once in the room at the office [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] vasudha: The 3rd was when I had to go out of station for a few days.At the hotel vasudha: Client was the last vasudha: Then my hubby on Dec 31st.

colorderainbow: LOL colorderainbow: THEY ARE FINE colorderainbow: WHAT IS UR SIZE vasudha:37-25-35 or something like that colorderainbow:means cup size vasudha: My butt is a bit thinner than my breasts colorderainbow:37 C i guess vasudha: Hmmm.

colorderainbow:i know it colorderainbow:its a bingo signal colorderainbow:go n extinguyish the burning choot vasudha: I love moaning and when his dick ges in I gasp colorderainbow:for us guys colorderainbow:i remember one incident vasudha: I love holding tightly to my partners naked ness and feeling it all over with his dick inside my pussy vasudha: Tell me darling vasudha: I am all ears colorderainbow:hmmm colorderainbow:i was chatting on yahoo n started with an id colorderainbow:we talk for soem 10 mins n she shown me her picture colorderainbow:she was working with some ngo in mumbai colorderainbow:then she asked for voice chat colorderainbow:i heard soem sound but no any voice colorderainbow:i thought somebody is fooling around me colorderainbow:then the lady voice came vasudha: Hmmm colorderainbow:can u realize what was that sound like colorderainbow:i guessed vasudha:???

colorderainbow:that she was fingering colorderainbow:yeah colorderainbow:n she was fingering in real colorderainbow:we continued to talk while she cum on her finger vasudha: I was too in the morning chatting with u except that before I came it hot hashed!

FUck me hard Vasudha:yeah Vasudha: Ooooooooooh Yeaah colorderainbow:listening this i increased my sped even more Vasudha: Oooooooooooooooooooooh Yeah colorderainbow:aaahhhhhhhhhh Vasudha: Oh it is so nice colorderainbow:ramming ur butt Vasudha:yeah colorderainbow:with my hip Vasudha: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Vasudha: I came colorderainbow:feeling the balls slamming ur ass hole Vasudha: Blah Vasudha: The whole thing died Vasudha: Next time baby Vasudha:bfn colorderainbow:hmmm colorderainbow:okay u seems u r in hurry Vasudha: Kya feeling u worked up and whatz this shit Vasudha:about screwing eme in the ass. colorderainbow:hey my balls hitting ur ass hole not the dick colorderainbow:samjhi Vasudha: OK now! Vasudha:at all Vasudha: LOL colorderainbow:okay colorderainbow:even this ass word is aturn off for u Vasudha: Yeah at times Vasudha:when I half read like I was doing Vasudha: While feeling my slit colorderainbow:hmmmm colorderainbow:anyway colorderainbow:did u enjoy so far Vasudha:yeah was colorderainbow:n was u rubbing ur choot Vasudha: Hw bout u colorderainbow:its was great Vasudha:yeah I was colorderainbow:but u were not writing much Vasudha:rubbbing it gently colorderainbow:may be ur fingers busy in rubbing colorderainbow: LOL Vasudha:cause I was busy rubbing myself colorderainbow:hahhahaha colorderainbow:i got it colorderainbow:ok u enjoyed it colorderainbow:that was teh motto Vasudha:ok got some work colorderainbow:i wanna make u cum Vasudha:catch u later Vasudha: Not happening todat colorderainbow:okay buddy colorderainbow:sure Vasudha:ok bfn colorderainbow:byee vasudha bhabhi is back horny like ever before ....................... Still on today [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] colorderainbow:yeah dear colorderainbow:i m on through out the day colorderainbow:even if i m not at my desk colorderainbow:seems u r having a busy day today colorderainbow:hahhaha [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] vasudha: Yep vasudha:was busy for awhile [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] vasudha: Looks like now u r away vasudha:) colorderainbow:hmmmm colorderainbow:ye office hay colorderainbow:is office ka yahi hay style colorderainbow:hahahha colorderainbow:) colorderainbow:pyar ke liye 4 pal kam nahi the colorderainbow:kabhi hum nahi the kabhi tum nahi the colorderainbow:hahahhaha [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Sent at PM on Monday[/font][FONT='Arial','sans-serif'][/font] vasudha: Pehle tho 400 pal mile the.

Bus tumne galat jagah gussa di vasudha:ha ha ha ha ha colorderainbow:gusaya to sahi jagah hin tha colorderainbow:but u realized it at wrong place colorderainbow:hahahhaha colorderainbow:n another thing i dont talk as dirty as maverick vasudha: But today first clean day.

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