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Indeed, around this time a reporter for the New York Times, who had broken the story of the Bush administration’s widespread illegal warrantless wiretaps and surveillance on millions of American citizens without probable cause, told me that he thought it very likely if not certain that Scott Tooley was being surveilled.

While the suit I filed for Tooley was stymied by a federal judge who then was also the head of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court – as she apparently cut an under-the-table deal with the Bush administration to get rid of it as this newly revealed illegal surveillance reflected badly on the oversight authority of her court – let us fast-forward to the later Obama administration.

My problem is that I am not sexually attracted to this nicest guy in the world and I feel super guilty about it.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me; I feel like a horrible and shallow person by saying this but I am not attracted to his body type.

He has asked me on several occasions if I am not attracted to him and I have always lied and said that I am and that I am not ready to have sex, but the truth is I am not ready to have sex .Recently he has introduced me to his family and has even mentioned the “love” and “marriage” words, and now I am confused and afraid that I am far to into it to just tell him that I am not into him.I don’t want to hurt his feelings as I believe in Karma and think that it will come back to bite me.In a feature I call “Your Turn,” in which you, the readers, get to answer the question, I’m presenting the following letter without commentary from me: I have been seeing a guy for seven months now.He is a nice guy — probably the nicest guy I ever dated — very caring, respectful and treats me like a lady (brings me flowers unexpectedly, watches horror movies even though he doesn’t like them).

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