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The White House argues that cutting the corporate tax rate would increase average household income by making it less expensive for companies to invest in assets like machines… which would allow businesses to pay their workers more… (Washington Post / Politico) 10/ The director of the Consumer Protection Bureau resigned.Richard Cordray told staffers he "will step down from his position here before the end of the month." (New York Times / The Hill) 11/ Democrats introduced articles of impeachment against Trump.1/ The author of the Trump dossier believes his report is 70-90% accurate.Christopher Steele's reports were commissioned by Fusion GPS as opposition report and detail allegations that the Kremlin had personally compromising material on Trump, including sex tapes recorded during a 2013 trip to Moscow, as well as evidence that Trump and his associates actively colluded with Russian intelligence to influence the election.Roughly nine hours later the tweet was deleted without explanation.(Vanity Fair / Fortune) Trump just tweeted again about the church shooting in Sutherland Springs.

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Moore has made no public indication he plans to leave the race.

Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department have argued that cities should hold foreign detainees until Immigration and Customs Enforcement can pick them up.

(The Hill) 5/ Mitch Mc Connell proposed that Jeff Sessions could be run as a write-in candidate to replace Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race and reclaim his old seat.

(Associated Press) poll/ In a hypothetical matchup, Joe Biden leads Trump by 11 points in the 2020 general election.

46% of voters said they'd vote for Biden compared to 35% who would choose to reelect Trump.

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