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Iverson has given up defending himself from critics and responding to every rumor the Internet can churn out. "When I'm an old man surrounded by my wife, kids and grandkids laying on a bed somewhere and I'm finished, then I'll pat myself on the back. He has to fly his hairdresser in every three weeks, put her up and get her a car when she arrives at the airport. He started growing his hair back the very next day. He hears what people say about him on social media and goes out of his way to avoid stories about himself. Then I'll just fade away."But if I ever come back to this life," he says, "I want to come back as Allen Iverson."Tawanna has been after him to cut his iconic locks. On the brink of 40, his hair-care regimen remains among the most costly in sports. He holds it out in front of him with his lanky right arm. It could actually be dangerous getting Iverson to games on time. He knew the shortcuts, speed traps and the traffic lights that seemed to take forever.The singer held a bundle of white roses - indicating her solidarity with the Time's Up movement against sexual misconduct in show business.While on the red carpet, she posed with the tuxedo-wearing rapper Logic, whose given name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II.The game was in its second hour when the phenom tucked his stash in his pocket. After chatting with Bailey's relatives for several minutes, he walked Iverson to the door. It would take him the better part of a decade to figure out they weren't random at all. He doled it out in small portions because it was never really for us. I got my butt kicked, but if that meant that the guys who came after me could be themselves, then it was worth it.""I didn't want to be Michael or Magic," says Le Bron James. There's a gold diamond-studded Rolex on his right wrist. His cheeks are a little fuller, and damn if he ain't an inch shorter from when you last met, but it's him. I know—I had to guard him."He wants to see Melo get a ring. Dean, who arguably changed the game of basketball by proxy, was so little-used, he didn't even have his name on the back of his jersey."Actually, I like hip-hop," he says, "but I was more of a Beatles man myself."Stern says he doesn't remember the white wave cap Iverson wore to the Rookie of the Year presentation.Last summer, Iverson picked up the phone and called Bailey. We watched with envious eyes as he stuck his finger in the face of conformity while never realizing the personal cost of his defiance."I was the first one do all that stuff, and I took an ass-whooping for it," says Iverson. "I wanted to be Allen Iverson.""He changed everything," Carmelo Anthony says. But there was so much of Allen Iverson in us—that was both scary and comforting. His familiar expressive, round eyes that for so long broadcast his pain to the world are particularly bright. Or the tilted cap, black leather jacket and platinum chain he rocked when he picked up the 2001 MVP. I fumble with an answer not knowing the rule verbatim."See, you don't even know," he admonishes. He was a role model for me, and I just loved everything about him."When Iverson's jersey was retired in March 2014, dozens of NBA players took to social media to honor him.

The 20-year-old, who shot to fame as part of Fifth Harmony before venturing out as a solo artist, modeled a strapless scarlet gown with a small train.

Moore was quite adept at dodging the many dangers of the road: orange construction barrels, potholes, rocks and debris from fender benders.

When they were running late, the shoulder became their personal HOV lane.

At a range of price points, we have something for everyone!

She added a bit of glitz with drop earrings, a glistening bracelet and a couple of rings, as well as with a disco-ball-esque purse.

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