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It is my belief that there is a lot of valuable information in what I put together, so ...

I am posting it here for anyone who is interested in reading. If anyone is interested in the bibliography that supports my research, I will happily provide it to you.

Within a society, the members - or, actors - operate together over time to develop their culture.

Based upon that reasoning, the Internet poses a whole new definition of a functional, interactive society, in the sense that it is comprised of actors who interact with one another, and indeed have formed a sort-of "culture"; however, that culture is not subject to the same rules as is the culture we adhere to in everyday, "real" life in the physical realm.

It is hard to imagine a husband who would never set foot into an adult bookstore would spend time downloading online pornography; it is hard to imagine a wife who would never pick up the telephone to dial a 900-number engaging in erotic chat or phone sex with men she had met online.

From a humanitarian perspective, it is disturbingly difficult to understand how stable marriages of 20 years or more are ending due to a two or three-month Internet affair.

There is, in fact, surprisingly little transference of those same rules we consider commonplace that guide our everyday behaviors to the rules (or lack thereof) that govern behavior that is acceptable to engage in on the Internet.

Experts say that 70% of communication in real life occurs through non-verbal messages; however, the anonymity of the Internet allows the user to feel comfortable without needing to look for these cues, these signs of insincerity or judgment in their facial expression, as would be existent in real life; as such, the common perception is that they are less "socially risky" than their real-world counterparts.

In modern American society today, the world has gotten much smaller, thanks to the advances of technology - specifically, the Internet.

The access to information is one of the most obvious benefits that the Internet has to offer; in addition, there is an equal increase in access to other people.

While this has opened a whole new chapter for those seeking means to find dating partners, the Internet has also become a breeding ground for adulterous relationships.

A new term has been coined to describe this phenomenon - "Internet affairs".

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