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Travis and Courtney portray love interests who struggle to hold on to their relationship all while their two families wage war in an explosion of hilarity.

It's the far east against the deep south; strict, traditional, Korean customs versus a backwards, country way of life.

U're 2 fly, I just wanna take you on a date Hey you Gorgeous girl, what chu think 'bout a trip around the world.

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What could have been a fun and original Korean-American / African-American version of those two Ben Stiller movies instead settles for recycled plot points and random outrageous behavior masquerading as comedy.

After the death of their mother, three foster sisters - the shrewd business woman, the free spirit, and the caregiver - find themselves fighting for their individual dreams and fighting each other in this tale of love, lust, and tragedy.

Wilson, his wife & two children are a respectable family in their community - Yet the Wilson kids are fighting temptations & their son Dante has thoughts other than taking over his fathers church.

This plot is cheaper and has more holes in it than a box of generic macaroni and cheese.

It's hard to imagine real people in situations like these acting the way these characters do.

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