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(7) "Subdivision" means a tract of land which is divided into ten (10) or more lots for the construction of new residential buildings, or for construction of two (2) or more new multiple occupancy buildings. Energy shall be generated, transmitted, converted and distributed by the utility, and utilized, whether by the utility or the customer, in such manner as to obviate undesirable effects upon the operation of standard services or equipment on the utility, its customers and other utilities. Unless otherwise specified by the commission, the utility shall use applicable provisions in the following publications as standards of accepted good engineering practice for construction and maintenance of plant and facilities, herein incorporated by reference: (1) National Electrical Safety Code; ANSI C-2. This material is also available for inspection and copying, subject to copyright law, at the offices of the Public Service Commission, 211 Sower Boulevard, P. Box 615, Frankfort, Kentucky 40602, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. 47th Street, New York, New York 10017; (4) USA Standard Requirements, for Instrument Transformers; ANSI Standard C57.13, 1978 Edition, available by contacting the IEEE Service Center, 445 Hoes Lane, P. (6) All materials incorporated by reference above are available for public inspection and copying at the Public Service Commission of Kentucky, 211 Sower Boulevard, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601, between the hours of 8 a.m. (2) Each utility shall keep a record of: time of starting and shutting down the principal units of its power station equipment and feeders for major divisions; indications of sufficient switchboard instruments to show voltage and quantity of the load; all interruptions to service affecting the entire distribution system of any single community or important division of a community; and date and time of interruption, date and time of restoring service, and when known, cause of each interruption.1990 Edition, available by contacting the IEEE Service Center, 445 Hoes Lane, P. (3) When complete distribution systems or portions of communities have service furnished from unattended stations, the utility shall keep these records to the extent practicable.Time switches shall also be adjusted upon complaint if found in error or when service interruptions cause them to be in error by one-half (1/2) hour or more. (1) All energy sold within the State of Kentucky shall be measured by commercially acceptable measuring devices owned and maintained by the utility, except where it is impracticable to meter loads, such as multiple street lighting, temporary or special installations, in which case consumption may be calculated.(3) Time switches and control devices used by the utility for controlling off-peak appliances shall be inspected or monitored periodically and adjusted if in error, and also adjusted upon complaint if found in error or whenever service interruptions result in error of two (2) hours or more or in supplying service to off-peak appliances during peak periods. The utility shall meter its own electrical energy use except when such service is for emergency or incidental lighting such as outdoor substations, or at remote points on its transmission or distribution lines.Any utility which extends service to a customer who may require polyphase service or whose installed transformer capacity will exceed 25 KVA may require the customer to pay in advance additional cost of construction which exceeds that for a single phase line where the installed transformer capacity does not exceed 25 KVA.(a) When an extension of the utility's line to serve an applicant or group of applicants amounts to more than 1,000 feet per customer, the utility may, if not inconsistent with its filed tariff, require total cost of the excessive footage over 1,000 feet per customer to be deposited with the utility by the applicant or applicants, based on the average estimated cost per foot of the total extension.

Time switches used by the utility for controlling street lighting or display lighting shall be inspected or monitored at least once a month and, if in error, adjusted.

All records of the most recent voltage surveys taken within the last three (3) calendar years shall be available for inspection by the utility's customers and commission staff.

(2) Each graphic recording voltmeter shall be checked with a working standard indicating voltmeter when it is placed in operation and when it is removed, or periodically if the instrument is in a permanent location. (1) Utilities shall service and maintain any equipment they use on customer's premises and shall adjust thermostats, clocks, relays, or time switches, if such devices must be so adjusted to provide service in accordance with their rate provisions.

(5) The following shall not be considered a violation of this section: Voltage variations in excess of those caused by operation of power apparatus on customer premises which require large starting currents and affect only the user of such apparatus, by action of the elements and infrequent and unavoidable fluctuations of short duration due to system operation.

(6) Greater variation of voltage than specified under this section may be allowed if service is supplied directly from a transmission line, if emergency service, or if in a limited or extended area in which customers are widely scattered or business done does not justify close voltage administrative regulation. (1) Every utility shall have two (2) or more portable indicating voltmeters and two (2) or more recording or graphic voltmeters of type and capacity suited to the voltage supplied.

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