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After two years, the infection encrypts the file systems and invalidates the token that allowed the back-ups to restore properly. The wholesale sabotage of computational technology? • April 1, 2015 AM commending the bureau for using drones in kidnappings, manhunts and search-and-rescue operations, the IG report said all 17 of the FBI’s operational drones are “at a single location and had only one pilot team on staff adequately trained to fly all models” of the aircraft.

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A hand full of human resistance are our only hope, they attempt to break the quantum encryption used by the robots so they can take back the earth by uploading a virus to every machine at once. Meanwhile, the NSA is unwilling to share information that it has gathered with any law-enforcement agencies, for fear that doing so will reveal the existence of TOTALACC.

The oligarchs are tasked with redistributing their wealth to the people (middle class and lower class Americans) from whom it was taken. Hackers break into election system and declared winner of the next POTUS election Ed Snowden (or N.

They have 48 hours to publicly publish their plan, both actions and timetable. Korean Kim or Cuban Castro or Vladimir Putin - make your own selection).

• April 1, 2015 AM A shadow organization of Anonymous infiltrates the IT infrastructure of the oligarchs now 'running' the US government. If only they could crack the NSA's encryption, the world would be a much safer place!

They infect the backup systems with a long-running double-encrypter. • April 1, 2015 AM The President gets locked out of the situation room during an international indecent because the 6 digit access code is on his phone (with strong encryption) and he has forgotten the 12 digit pass-code!

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