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Al-Monitor: What are the guarantees the army will offer to ensure that it will obey any civil authority?

Mesmari: The agreement to unite the Libyan army is taking place under Egyptian auspices and with the US blessing.

In an interview with Al-Monitor, the spokesman for the Libyan armed forces led by Gen.

Khalifa Hifter speaks about the UN-sponsored elections and Egyptian efforts to unite the army, as Libya further sinks into chaos and division.

Most officers in the general command were trained in Egypt, which is reaffirming its historical role in Libya through its efforts to reunite the Libyan army.

The Egyptian support is reflected in uniting and training the military institution rather than supplying it with arms.

CAIRO — The Egyptian initiative to unite the Libyan military is almost complete after several meetings were held between Libyan military officials who split up following the outbreak of the revolution in February 2011 and the death of Moammar Gadhafi.

The political division affected the military situation, as the Libyan army split up and several militias made up of civilians were formed, while other military men joined the Libyan armed forces led by Gen. Egypt proposed an initiative to unite the Libyan armed forces and restructure the Libyan army, and Cairo began hosting meetings with Libyan military leaders.In the western part of Libya, some military officials are under the leadership of Sarraj, while others are under the control of GNC leader Ghawil.Still, many military officials are loyal to Hifter’s Libyan army in the eastern and southern parts, while officers loyal to Hifter in the western part outnumber officers obeying Sarraj.The constitution was indeed amended and the High Council of State was formed, with its tasks clearly set.The council was to be independent and express its opinion in the bills presented by the government within 21 days, and to give consultations and suggestions to the GNA.

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