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Some other benzos can actually make me feel depressed for a short time, or make me more or less interested in certain things so my personality is altered too much for my liking.For me the list is like this, from least sedating to most.for me i don't think that profile is truly correct ^ above i find alprazolam much more sedating than bromazepam (i guess this is taking it dependent dose wise) 6mg of bromazepam for me is the clearest benzo, no memory loss, general feeling of goodness, even a tad stimulating. but according to the charts, that = 3mg of alpraz, which will have me blacking out/beyond tired kolonopin by far.

I had to stop taking it for months for it to be effective again.

Although in higher doses it has muscle relaxing properties which are great when taking it recreationally.

But like I said people have experienced some rather bad side effects including jaundice.

However, I generally don't get very sedated from any of these unless I take a high dose.

For other people some of these might be _highly_ sedating for them.

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