Korean adoptees dating koreans

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He also says authorities pressured women to abort or hand over their newborns to international adoption agencies in an effort to "eliminate" mixed-race children.3245Kamra, a US-based organisation representing biracial Korean adoptees, says the majority of children adopted overseas up until 1970 were mixed-race.

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She explains that because of its connotation with migrant women from less developed countries, the word "multicultural" has become synonymous with "poor".

WATCH: The Stream - South Korea's multiculturalism () Han is coming of age in South Korea, one of the world's most ethnically homogenous countries, as it undergoes the greatest demographic shift in its modern history.

Immigration has brought with it an increase in the number of children who are the offspring of a Korean citizen and foreign national, primarily from Southeast Asia.

"Some classmates used to say things like, 'You have a Korean mum, so why do you look black? "I got a lot of dirty looks and I felt people were disgusted by me." But Han says he doesn't dwell on those unpleasant memories, preferring to focus on his budding career instead.

Two years ago, the owner of a PC bang, a type of internet cafe popular with online gamers and where Han says he spends much of his free time, persuaded the teenager to model for a friend's clothing line.

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