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In March 2008, he started the same show in Hungary (A kiv√°lasztott in Hungarian).During the show, Geller speaks in both Hungarian and English.Geller also performs his standard routines of allegedly making stopped watches start, spoons jump from televisions, and tables move.Geller co-produced the TV show Book of Knowledge, released in April 2008.In May 2002, he appeared as a contestant on the first series of the British reality TV show I'm a Celebrity... , where he was the first to be eliminated and finished in last place.In 2005, Geller starred in Uri's Haunted Cities: Venice, a XI Pictures/Lion TV production for Sky One, which led to a behind the scenes release in early 2008 called Cursed; both productions were directed by Jason Figgis.In another notable instance, in 1992, Geller was asked to investigate the kidnapping of Hungarian model Helga Farkas: he predicted she would be found alive and in good health, but she was never found and is widely believed to have been murdered by her kidnappers. In his acceptance speech, Geller said that if he hadn't had psychic powers then he "must be the greatest" to have been able to fool journalists, scientists and Berglas himself.In 2007, skeptics observed that Geller appeared to have dropped his claims that he does not perform magic tricks. My entire character has changed." In a later interview, Geller told Telepolis, "I said to this German magazine, so what I did say, that I changed my character, to the best of my recollection, and I no longer say that I do supernatural things. It means that I don't say 'it's supernatural', I say 'I'm a mystifier! And the skeptics turned it around and said, 'Uri Geller said he's a magician! Geller's performances of drawing duplication and cutlery bending usually take place under informal conditions such as television interviews.

One of Geller's most prominent critics is the skeptic James Randi, who has accused Geller repeatedly of trying to pass off magic tricks as paranormal displays.

Randi highlighted a quotation from the November 2007 issue of the magazine Magische Welt (Magic World) in which Geller said: "I'll no longer say that I have supernatural powers. ' I never said that." In that interview, Geller further explained that when he is asked how he does his stunts, he tells children to "Forget the paranormal. During his early career, he allowed some scientists to investigate his claims.

A study was commissioned by the United States Defense Intelligence Agency as part of the Stargate Project and conducted during August 1973 at Stanford Research Institute (now known as SRI International) by parapsychologists Harold E. Geller was isolated and asked to reproduce simple drawings prepared in another room.

In early 2007, Geller hosted a reality show in Israel called The Successor ( In February 2008, Geller began a show on Dutch television called De Nieuwe Uri Geller, which shares a similar format to its German counterpart.

The goal of the programme is to find the best mentalist in the Netherlands.

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