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it's pricier than regular condoms too though the newest brand of it is a bit cheaper.Honestly unless you have persistence of hpv , most gyn's not recommend a married couple using condoms once hpv is detected in the female during a pap test.However, if he has warts on his penis and you have sex with him, you can then develop the warts yourself.Again, not reinfection, but the warts are sometimes contracted from skin to skin contact and are called "kissing warts".(You cannot get them from kissing him)I have HPV as well and it never actually goes away.My warts showed up before I got the Gardisil shot so it won't protect against the warts but my gyno says it will prevent against some types of cancer.Basil Donovan and Denton Callander, from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, wrote in an accompanying editorial.

The statistics are not as encouraging in the United States, the researchers noted. Two doses of the vaccine are recommended for teens younger than 15 and three doses are recommended for those aged 15 through 26.typically the male is already infected. a link to accurate, updated info on hpv in general.lots of links from that page to other useful info on high risk hpv and cervical dysplasia on the asha site too.My question is how do I minimize my chances of getting cancer while married.I've been married 10 years so this diagnosis came as quite a surprise to us. If you have genital warts along with the HPV, those go away but the HPV will always be in your system.

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