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The chat rooms on Kik are created around a specific topic and function more like forums.Being a part of these chats enables users to meet like-minded people, find popular users and discover new friends.If you are just browsing through, the hashtag is the most helpful. You should definitely check out the top 5 free chat groups and rooms on Kik right now.

See below, where Person 1 is a real human, and Person 2 is a chatbot trained on movie subtitles: [PERSON 1:] Oh yeah? we’ d have steak and ice cream three times every day!

So, for example, one persona was based around the following facts: “I am an artist. In each case, they were asked to conduct a conversation with the persona-driven bot, and compare it with both other chatbots and humans. ) The research also points to a truth that seems almost common sense.

As you might expect, the persona bot didn’t score as highly on criteria like “fluency” and “consistency” as the humans, but it outperformed the chatbot trained on movie dialogue. Person 1 is a human, and Person 2 is the persona-based chatbot. If you want to have an interesting conversation with someone — even a virtual someone — then it helps if they have a personality, including likes and interests.

You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise because of their name, but chatbots can’t really chat.

As researchers from Facebook’s FAIR lab explain in a pre-print paper published this week, they fail at this task on a number of levels.

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