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Chapter Seventeen: Santa Claus is comin to town Out of the darkness came light.Normally one would welcome such a change, but in this instance they were anything but relieved.Harry is betrayed at the final battle and is forced to flee England and rebuild his life anonymously anew.Prophesy has a way of interferring and dragging him back to face his destiny,that doesn't mean he has to like it or cooperate with the powers that be Disclaimer: I own nothing of the Harry Potter characters.and they were gonna let me sing in the choir and everything this year." he groused dejectedly."W-What in the world? ." Gail still stammered pointing at the reindeer milling about and the sleigh tracks disappearing into the broken ice. you should see what they did to that apartment building roof in Sydney? wait' till you see the corn they come up with in the Midwest this year? Jeff roared in laughter, joining his daughter, at that." Gail gasped, coming up short in abject wonder at the spectacle of a sodden Santa Claus berating his reindeer on the shoreline of Black lake.. It was their daughter's giggles that brought things into perspective. " she'd managed to get out before she broke down into side splitting laughter at his pathetic appearance.""Wha,.. Julia just laughed all the harder as Santa shot her a disgruntled glare and waved his hand to cancel the glamours over his eight reindeer that morphed into dragons as he explained.. Harry curled his lip in distaste at the two as he stomped off for the castle with his "reindeer" in tow, grumbling something or other about "no appreciation" as his boots squished with each step he took.a gigantic hole in the ice gave silent testimony to the fate of his legendary sleigh. An hour later, by the family room fire, over a warm cup of holiday cider......"Now let me get this straight?He hastily pulled his beard back into place and offered an embarrassed. " Gail tried to put things in perspective as she shot a withering glare toward her snorting and giggling daughter and husband."You had a sleigh built and used a bunch of dragons to look like reindeer to pull your costumed arse around England playing Santa Claus for the British public as some juvenile holiday prank? We started in Australia and worked our way back through the time zones.

"I'm to believe this wasn't some grand prank, then? "Harry rolled his eyes at that as Julia fell from her precarious perch on the coach and Jeff Taylor spilled his drink, but was laughing too hard to care. " she growled sarcastically."Well if you must now.. Gail's mouth fell open and the laughing from the others abruptly died."Y-You don't mean...? Oblivious to his friend's stunned to speechless state, he continued to muse out loud that... It was the first time I had any Christmas presents or anyone who wanted to even celebrate Christmas, with me, for that matter.we'd miss Christmas day and I've got big things planned? Jeff, ever the cautious, thinking commander that he was, decided a bit of reconnaissance was in order and flipped on the wireless. if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I'd of never believed it... My own children are playing with some of the toys he'd delivered as I speak. Jeff continuedflipping through the stations, pausing in astonishment as report after report came in of 'Santa' sightings. Complete shock, but no longer in disbelief, but of wonder and awe- definitely. He turned to his wife and daughter and decided simply that.. Can you imagine the scope of such a thing let alone the cost? It's..""Wonderful" he daughter finished for her mother, sniffling softly as her gaze drifted in the direction of her fiancé's departure.The last was an overseas broadcast from the States. "Santa Claus has come to town."Julia was still gapping, that and wiping at her too moist eyes."M-My God,.. " Gail stammered as she tried to wrap her head around the scope of such an endeavor. "It's something that not only could he do, but only he would do.""And we almost drove him from our world?" Ron gasped, his voice begging with renewed hope despite the many times Harry had dashed said hopes like a wave upon a rocky shore."Don't beg , Ron" his wife snapped at him. " she drawled distastefully."Ah, shrewish as ever, 'Mione." Harry commented wistfully, enjoying the way the use of her nickname both gladdened and made her shudder in dread anticipation of what was to come. Should I leave you in this place or should I pardon you to live out your lives as you have,... "Hermione was crying too hard to answer, but she shook her head half in denial, but half in acceptance that this is what she deserved. Their eyes only drifted toward him briefly before returning to that of their children who were now happily helping their grandmother make Christmas cookies. I have a future." He pronounced, curling his lip in disgust at the notion of them sharing the same world as he."It is your future we are here to decide." Harry swept his hand toward the portal screen . Leave the worries and dangers of our world to those of us adults who are equipped to deal with them. Ten years has passed here, but only ten days from whence you came.""Ten years..?He planted himself on a rocky outcropping that overlooked the two like a judge staring down upon the accused. There could be forgiveness, but that too was fleeting as one could never forget the betrayal in one's own heart. this horrific never ending nightmare of emptiness is what they'd left him to. Their cherub faces were smudged with flour and their hands caked with sticky dough as they nudged and taunted each other whilst they decorated the cookies, each trying to sabotage the other's work."What do you see? "Your mother is a wise woman, Ronald."Ron's head snapped up at that, more so because Harry had used the formal in his name as he had never done so before. one that clearly had awakened him."Your future..." he sighed in reminder. Let the children enjoy their childhood whilst they may. " Hermione sighed at first in wonder as she ran her hands expectantly over her face and found herself surprised that her skin, whilst dirty, was still smooth.

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