Heather locklear dating jack

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All things to all men and a lot more to all women.” Aside from the usual complement of willing females, the group has attracted a reputation as a cadre of devil-worshipers whose riotous living and determined drinking rivals that of, say, Keith Richards in his prime.Public scandals—including lead singer Vince Neil’s conviction last year for vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving (which cost him .7 million in financial restitution and resulted in five years’ probation)—have done nothing to curb their popularity with pubes-cents.

Listen: Last fall Lee, the drummer for the heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, was on tour.

Both say that their first date—dinner at an Italian restaurant and the late show at the Comedy Store—was the clincher.

When Lee arrived at Locklear’s Tudor house in Tarzana, he looked every inch the motley rocker.

He called Locklear, the Dynasty vixen he had been dating for six months, from Bloomington, Ind. Halfway across the country, Locklear heard the hum of a tattoo needle as it etched a big black rose ribboned with Heather’s name into Lee’s flesh.

“I hadn’t seen her in a long time,” explains Tommy.

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