Having problem updating t mobile nokia

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Beamer certainly sounds like a step up, but the problem is that even if you can locate it on the Store, it is showing as incompatible for Lumia 820 and 920 users.

From my Lumia 820, I couldn’t find it at all under the Nokia Collections app grouping or even by searching further afield within the Store.

It downloaded the update and then failed to proceed to instal, it complained: “You need to charge to continue with this update.

Remnants of its work around advice for error 801812C1 still linger on a Nokia forum.

However, searching for it on-line from the phone and visiting the UK store that way, revealed the app but threw up same incompatibility messages.

I contacted Nokia UK and I’m guessing it might still be puzzling over this one.

Here in Blighty when seemingly simple upgrades go awry on occasions such as these, we utter an instinctive response: Bollocks.

Undeterred, a power off/on cycle seemed prudent and the update hauled in once more.

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